All updates to the bot, starting from December 27, 2017 (When updates started being tracked)
Some earlier versions are missing.

Version Release Date Information
Beta Release 1.0.0 December 13th, 2018 Added donator banners to balances. All NSFW commands now require you to vote for 12 hours of access, or donate for unlimited access. Fixed donator background image text. You can now check other people's balances with -bal (user). All gambling commands now show your balance before and after gambling.
Beta Release 0.9.9 November 26th, 2018 Re-added the sauce command, however this time it is used for the SauceNao website. Addded stats command to view more advanced bot stats. Fixed the osu command returning a null user with no username set.
Beta Release 0.9.8 October 30th, 2018 Removed five commands: time, date, sauce, sop, and disgust because of low usage and no need for them. Readded the ability to search for specific usernames with the osu command. Renamed the bot in order to conform with bot list rules
Beta Release 0.9.7 September 6th, 2018 Fixed a bug where new guilds were not recongnized in the database. Cleaned up Osu! commands to take up less space. Added PP count to -recent command.
Beta Release 0.9.6 August 28th, 2018 Removed the fortnite and rainbowsix commands because of database shutdowns. The bot will now focus more on Osu! commands. To see them all, use -help osustats
Beta Release 0.9.5 August 17th, 2018 Updated the bot to the latest API beta. This allows the NSFW channels to be marked as NSFW and not require the channels to be named nsfw. Big thanks to Drew for helping me update.
Beta Release 0.9.4 August 15th, 2018 Sharded the bot to keep up with rising server counts. Shard number can be checked with -ping and -serverinfo commands. Revamped the -vote command to be more neat and informational.
Beta Release 0.9.3 August 7th, 2018 In celebration of 2000 servers, added the ability to donate to the bot and receive various perks. Run the donate command for more information.
Beta Release 0.9.2 August 6th, 2018 Fixed the mute command, but temporarily disabled the ability to add a timer to the mute
Beta Release 0.9.1 August 6th, 2018 Merged the commands users and servericon into one command: serverinfo. Also added a new command: userinfo
Beta Release 0.9.0 July 31, 2018 Fixed a bug where channels with the name nsfw in it would not be recognized as nsfw channels.
Beta Release 0.8.6 April 10, 2018 Added command -osu (username). Looks up Osu! statistics
Beta Release 0.8.5 March 31, 2018 Increased number of results with -image to 50 (used to be 25). Added command -servericon
Beta Release 0.8.3 February 5, 2018 Added welcome images. The command is -setwelcomeimage (url)
Beta Release 0.8.1 December 27, 2017 Reworked error messages to be more helpful. Fixed a bug with the takerole command