The Default prefix is - , but can be customized whenever you like!

Below is a sneak peak of what the bot has to offer.
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Commands For You and Your Server to Enjoy

Immerse your members with the many fun and enjoyable commands included with this bot. Pass the time with things like 8Ball, Shipping, and more!

Currency and Backgrounds

Gain and lose your money by gambling and rolling slots, then show off to everyone else with one of the many purchasable backgrounds.

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Moderate Your Server Like Never Before

Tons and tons of moderation commands to keep your server safe and in control. Also, the ability to blacklist anyone from using Spicy eGirl's commands with a simple command.

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General Commands

These commands are ones that don't really have a specifed category,
or are just used, well, generally.

Command Function Required Permissions?
ping Shows the bot's latency. None
help Get a list of commands None
prefix Check what the prefix is, usually by mentioning the bot. None
donate Gives you a link to donate to the bot. None
report (msg) Report a bug or error directly the owner! (Abuse will get your access for this command removed) None
invite Have the bot send an invite link for itself. None
vote (topic) Cast a yes-no vote None
time Get the time (EST) None
date Get the date (EST) None
avatar (user) Have the bot send the user's avatar as an image None
serverinfo Get information about the current server None
userinfo (user) Get information about the input user None
rps (choice) Play rock, paper, scissors! None
rate (thing) Have the bot rate something None
clap (words) Replaces every space in whatever is entered with a clap emoji None
updates View recent changes to the bot None
playing (game) See who is playing a certain game! (Must be specific) None
servers See how many servers the bot is in! None

Tip: This is a tip! Look for these under every list of commands for helpful information.

Admin Commands

These commands help keep your server safe and under control.
Most require specific permissions to use, and some require a specific role to be created.

Command Function Required Permissions?
name (nickname) Renames the bot Manage Nicknames
warn (user) (reason) Warn a user for doing something wrong. Kick Members
mute (user) (time in minutes) (reason) Mute a user from speaking in chat. Requires a "Muted" role. Reason parameter is optional. Manage Roles
unmute (user) Unmutes a user Manage Roles
lockdown (enable/disable) Enables or Disables lockdown mode, which automatically applies the "Muted" role to everyone who joins. Useful for anti-raids. Manage Guild
blacklist (user) Makes a user unable to run any of Spicy eGirl's commands. Requires a "Blacklist" role. Manage Roles
whitelist (user) Lets a user run Spicy eGirl's commands again. Manage Roles
nick (user) (nickname) Rename a user to something else. Manage Nicknames
setprefix (prefix) Change the bot's prefix. Max 10 Characters. Manage Guild
purge (amount) (user[optional]) Purge a certain amount of messages. Maximum 200. Manage Messages
botpurge (amount) Same function as purge, but only deletes Spicy eGirl's messages. Maximum 100. Manage Messages
giverole (user) (role) Give a user a role. NOTE: The bot cannot give roles that are above the roles that it has. Manage Roles
takerole (user) (role) Give a user a role. NOTE: The bot cannot take roles that are above the roles that it has. Manage Roles
kick (user) Kick a user from the server. Kick Members
ban (user) Ban a user from the server. Ban Members
kackban (id) Ban a user, even if they aren't in your server. Ban Members
setdefaultrole (role) Set a default role the bot gives a user when they join. Administrator

Tip: You don't have to mention a user, you can just put their Nickname or Username. Example -kick All Toasters Toast Toast

Reaction Commands

These are commands the bot "reacts" to.
Most of these were recommendations by you!

Command Function Required Permissions?
8ball (question) Ask the magic 8Ball a question. None
thot (thing) See if a user/thing is on the Thot-O-Meter. None
ship (thing1) (thing2) See if two things are compatible! None
choose (thing1) (thing2) Have the bot choose between two things. None
hold (user) Have the bot hold up a user's avatar! None

Tip: Put "quotes" around something for a more than one word entry. Example -choose "eat breakfast" "don't eat breakfast"

Message Commands

These commands let you toggle messages the bot sends, like alerts.
Can be toggled on and off whenever.

Command Function Required Permissions?
setwelcomechannel (channel) Set the channel to where welcome and leave messages are sent. Leave blank to disable. Manage Channels
setwelcomemessage (message) Set the welcome message for the server. Manage Channels
setwelcomeimage (image url) Send an image every time someone joins the server. Put "disable" to disable welcome images Manage Channels
setleavemessage (message) Set the leave message for the server. Manage Channels
setmodlogchannel (channel) Set the channel where modlog messages are sent. Leave blank to disable. Manage Channels

Tip: Put [userMention] to mention a user in the welcome/leave message, or put [userUsername] to put their username! (Note: Username can be buggy, and mentions will likely not show up properly on mobile when used for leave messages.)
Example: -setwelcomemessage [userMention] welcome to the server!

Currency Commands

These commands are all about the bot's currency system.
Try to become as rich as you can!

Command Function Required Permissions?
bal Shows you your account. None
send (user) (amount) Send someone else money. None
slots Roll a slot machine! 3 coins per roll. None
winnings View the win values for the slot machine. None
gamble (amount) Risk your money for a chance of a 2x or 3x profit! None
daily Claim free money once a day. None
background See which backgrounds you do and do not own. None
background donator See which donator backgrounds you do and do not own. None
background shop View the backgrounds for sale. None
background shop donator View the donator backgrounds for sale. You must be of at least Donator status to buy these backgrounds. None
background buy (name) Purchase a background! Automatically sets it as your active background. None
background sell (name) Sell a background for an 80% refund. None
background set(name) Set your background. None
background preview (name) Preview a background before you buy it. None

Tip: It isn't smart to gamble all your money at once. Try and slowly gain money to become rich!

NSFW Commands

These commands are for the...wilder side of people.
Requires a channel to be marked as NSFW under the options.
Naming no longer matters as of update 0.9.5
Note: NSFW commands require you to either vote for 12 hours of access or donate for unlimited access.

Command Function Required Permissions?
tits Sends a random tit image. None
butt Sends a random butt image. None
danbooru (tag) or db (tag) Sends an image from Danbooru, random if no tag is entered. None
gelbooru (tag) or gb (tag) Sends an image from Gelbooru, random if no tag is entered. None
rule34 (tag) Sends an image from Rule34, random if no tag is entered. None
nsfw (tag) or hentai (tag) Sends an image from one of the three websites, randomly chosen, image is random if no tag is entered. None

Tip: If your NSFW commands are not working, make sure the channel is MARKED as nsfw under the channel settings.

Osu! Stats Commands

Get statistics for Osu!
More options will be added soon!

Command Function Required Permissions?
setosu (username) Link the entered osu! account to your Discord None
removeosu Remove the entered osu! account from your Discord None
osu Get the Osu! Profile for the username set None
recent Get the most recent play for the username set None
top Get the top 5 Osu! plays for the username set None

Tip: Make sure you type your username correctly!